Satshacopter 150x and 250X

Satshacopter is an open source series of quadcopter drones. A satshacopter is designed to be as simple and inexpensive as possible, and to be easily built in any FabLab. Satshacopter is also a starting point for more advanced drone projects and can be easily built in workshops or other events.

The cost of a satshacopter is less than 100 euros and it comes with an open source and customisable “satshakit” with flight controller, external IMU, inexpensive wood frame, 3D printed foots and brushless motors. Additional links, pictures and technical data: https://github.com/satshacopter

Autonomous Assembly aVOIdance Drone

Autonomous Assembly aVOIdance Drone is an open source smart quadcopter built as my final project for Fab Academy 2015. Based on basic and widely-available drone technology, AAVOID adds sophisticated obstacle avoidance and an integrated on-board smartphone. It features an autopilot system using dual micro flight controllers that automatically takes over when obstacles are detected. The on-board phone is used to send flight data via the internet and run a multiple agent system that can adjust the drone’s flight path in real time.

Additional links, pictures and videos:



made by Daniele Ingrassia