satshacopter 150x and 250X

Satshacopter is an open source series of quadcopter drones. A Satshacopter it’s designed to be simple and cheap as much as possible, and to be easily made inside any Fab Lab. Satshacopter is also a starting point for more advanced drone projects, and easy to be built during workshops or events. The cost of a Satshacopter drone it’s under 100€ and it features an open source and customisable satshakit flight controller, external IMU, extremely cheap wood frame, 3D printed foots and brushless motors.

Links & pictures & dates (there are two different versions of satshacopter, please check them):


Autonomous Assembly aVOIdance Drone

Autonomous Assembly aVOIdance Drone is an open source smart quadcopter built as my Fab Academy final project for the 2015 edition of the course. Starting from the nowadays available drone technologies, AAVOID has implemented a functionality to avoid obstacle and to carry onboard a smartphone. The dual micro controller flight controller implements an autopilot, which is able to take over the control of the drone when an obstacle is detected. The onboard phone is used to send the drone data thought internet and to carry on an multiple agent system able to take decision about the flight of the drone.

Link & pictures & videos:

http://www.fabacademy.org/archives/2015/eu/students/ingrassia.daniele/index.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7vyrYP5Dv0&t=3shttps://github.com/satshacopter

made by Daniele Ingrassia