LaserDuo is an open source dual laser cutter designed as a complete and cheap laser solution for any Fab Lab. Having comparable performance and features of a commercial laser cutter machine, the key technology advantage of LaserDuo is to have integrated two different laser sources. In addition to the standard CO2 laser, which is used for soft and organic materials like wood, plastics, textiles and cardboard, LaserDuo has as well a YAG laser source. The YAG source has a wavelength of 1064nm and it’s mainly used for cutting and engraving harder materials like metal and marble. Representing an ambitious project, LaserDuo is the world first open source laser having a YAG laser and a dual source laser system. Furthermore it’s the biggest and fastest open source laser cutter ever built. To complete the equipment of LaserDuo, there is an integrated computer with an automatic nesting software and a material database.

made by Daniele Ingrassia